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The forum where YOU discuss the mysterious events surrounding Michael Jackson's death. The forum where YOU can discover the truth and the forum where WE will unite, to disover the truth and get to know the man, the mystery that is, Mr Michael Jackson.
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 Tabloid Junkie

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PostSubject: Tabloid Junkie   Tue May 11, 2010 6:03 pm

Hey guys i was just listening to the song Tabloid Junkie. After the chorus is sung a second time the news casts start playing again but this time they are not in English so i can not understand what is being said i think there are many different languages in the background also. I think maybe there may be someone say something regarding the death or death hoax i do not know for sure like i said because i can not understand the language but i just have a feeling. now also while the reports are being played michael starts making noises i think it may also be in a different language i don't know it may just be sounds if it isn't in another language then i believe it may have to be back mastered to understand i feel there may be a message in this song.
here is the song the reports start at 3:00 michael starts singing at 3:09
can anyone possible translate or figure out what language this is in
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PostSubject: Re: Tabloid Junkie   Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:45 am

ok alex,after years you posted this,i finally managed to slow down the part you're talking about

sendspace.com 8dud3r

Then I tried to remove the music background to understand better what is he saying+the others but what i've done didn't seem to work.I'll be searching more until i find out how to make it acapella. Smile

The man says: "In just 60 seconds a new Michael Jackson story" then people start talking in different languages + english but I can't understand.When Michael starts talking he says something like: "Everybody talks a bit about it (x 2/3 times) then other things which I can't understand either then "Everybody talks a bit about it" again.

Hope it's useful Smile
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Tabloid Junkie
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