PianoGames: The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Investigation

The forum where YOU discuss the mysterious events surrounding Michael Jackson's death. The forum where YOU can discover the truth and the forum where WE will unite, to disover the truth and get to know the man, the mystery that is, Mr Michael Jackson.
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 visit with uri

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PostSubject: visit with uri   Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:14 pm

Hello Tom! what a wonderful article!!

How very amazing too! As you know i certainly believe there are no coincidences in life, only faith working through love, and it sounds as if to me Mr. uri geller is doing just that!

Now i was not familiar nor had i ever heard of mr. geller before the time of the mj investigation but i believe he is able to "look" into the things of mj, as much as any person with such a gift. what are his inner feelings on the subject Tom? does HE think michael is dead? My dogs are acting very strangely tonight for no apparent reason...

i would be very intersested to know his feelings. i have watched crime related shows where they have accepted the help of ppl like uri to discover murders and thr truth in crime scenes. i should like it if uri would seek inner spiritual counsel in this area to know if he can "see" anything in particular. it would be such a comfort. perhaps he has heard nothing... i would love to know!

as always...in the l.o.v.e. of all humanity,

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PostSubject: Re: visit with uri   Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:34 pm

Yes, Tom, tell us more about Uri and how you came to know him. I remember when Uri became famous in the 1970s. People were in awe about his ability to bend spoons. He appeared on many talk shows. Michael was probably impressed by the tremendous focus he possessed and wanted to use this in his shows. I imagine that he was thinking about how to create the illusion of his death. Just think of how many thousands and thousands of books Michael read. Someone must have wanted to destroy his career, otherwise you can't explain all the trouble he got in simply because of gossip.
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visit with uri
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