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 My Day with Uri Geller

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PostSubject: My Day with Uri Geller   Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:23 pm

Waiting for this day, as it edged nearer and nearer, became so exciting. It was difficult to remain patient in the final hours before my visit, but I made sure I remained focused.
Initially, I was very nervous. I had no fixed interpretation of Uri Geller, it was mainly a combination of mixed opinions from other people that manipulated my mind, but I preferred to ignore these negative opinions. Despite being extremely nervous, there was a comforting thought that Uri would have my best interests in mind, which he did.

The 2.5 mile walk to his home was a blur due to the distraction of my excitement and thousands of thoughts running through my head regarding what it was going to be like.
I finally arrived at the grand gates ofhis beautiful home, where I nervously answered to an intercom. It was a surreal thought to know that not only was Uri Geller inside these gates, but Michael Jackson had also passed through the very gates I had now walked through.

I approached the amazing home of Mr Geller. The garden was beautiful. An array of abstract ornaments raised on various pedestals and stands. (My favourite being a giant fork bent over a stone ball). I walked towards the door where Uri Geller himself, welcomingly beckoned from.

I entered the home and was seated in his wonderful kitchen which was being newly refurbished. Then Uri came and sat with me and made me feel very comfortable. We began my mini-interview (parts available to read at www.youtube.com/user/PianoGames) which was going very well. Due to certain distractions, we moved to a room just down the hallway. The room felt very calm and warming. There was a large sofa with multiple seats.
"Sit anywhere you like", Uri instructed.
I sat on a seat in the far right corner of the room.
"Do you know where you're sat?" Uri asked,
"um...No....", I replied, bemused by his question.
"You are sat in the exact same seat that Michael sat in when ge visited my home".
I was mentally star-struck! Despite Michael not actually being there, I could picture his presence.
"He would meditate in this room with me", Uri added.

At that point, we changed roles and Uri became the interviewer whilst I changed to interviewee. Uri knew much about me, despite never having met me before. From financial difficulties, to neglect as a child, it all came out. It felt very easy to talk about this to Uri. To me, he was like the perfect father. He would listen carefully to what you had to say, take your struggles into account and attempt to resolve any issues you may have. he discovered immediately that I smoked, despite earlier covering myself in deodorant and filling my mouth with mints.
"Tom, you are a very bright young man, but you shouldn't smoke, we won't get into that". He stated,
"How did you know?!" I asked in shock,
"I just know. You will stop smoking NOW! You are funding multi-billionaire companies resulting in your death!" he yelled with his finger pointed at me and his eyes widening.
I felt as though my eyes were iron filings to magnets. They just couldn't escape. Uri was in the back of my mind. I'm sure of it. [Afterwards, Please read the next topic regarding my smoking habit].

Shortly after we spoke of my life, the interview of mine continued, but finished after my final question regarding an autograph of Michael's. In the autograph, a very unusual number equation containing 3 particular numbers that will be of relevance later. [004]
I gripped my bag and said,
"Can you do this for me?"
"You have a spoon in your bag, yes?" he said.
Guiltily but in shock, I pulled the spoon from my bag and laughed.
The spoon was a serving spoon from my home. It was very thick and was very difficult to bend even when attemting to bend it normally with two hands.
He took the spoon to the Piano, presenting it in his left hand. With the fingertips of his right hand, he gently rubbed the neck of the spoon.
My jaw hit the floor in awe as the spoon almost melted over his hand. He continued to encourage it to bend with his thumb and index finger. But the most amazing part, was when he held the spoon at eye level and we continued to watch as the spoon continued to bend on it's own.

Then the synchronicities began to occur. Uri had reserved a box of crystal from his collection, which he planned to give to a charity of his choice. Coincidentially, I volunteer at a charity shop. We were just talking about playing the piano, when he decided to present the gift to me. Yet another coincidence (if that's what you may call it). He opened the box and in excitement, he shouted,
"What were the numbers on that autograph?!"
"0, 0 and 4", I replied.
"Look at it!" he ordered.
I looked at the certificate of authenticity bearing the serial number. The number of course, being 004. I could only laugh.
He believed that this set was there for me, so he went and retrieved another set for the charity.
"See if there is another relevant number inside!" I childishly demanded.
"27/500. Nothing odd there", he said, to which my memory sparked.
"Yes! In that same autograph, with the year (1998), 1 - 9 - 9 - 8 = - 27!"
we laughed and Uri excitedly chanted that it was Michael causing these occurences to happen.

Before I began my dreaded journey home, Uri gave me a heart-felt hug and opened a whole new area in mind, a whole new part to my life and an experience that I shall never forget. I am going to take this opportunity to say that I thouroughly enjoyed this experience with the man who is the media magnetising, mind Reading, life-changing, psychic, phenomenal man that is Uri Geller. The man that "changed my life for the better", the man that I now prefer to call my friend.

Throughout the eventful 1 hour I spent with Uri Geller, I learnt to understand him on a personal level. It became difficult to understand why the Michael Jackson fan base and other skeptical members of the public hate him so much. I cannot bear the thought that such an innocent man that just wants to "change your life for the better", can be so mis-judged.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to discourage you from treating such media manipulation as authentic, non-ficticious claims. For years, the media have relied on destroying popular celebrity's lives to sell their products. It is soul-destroying and at it's worst, a form of bullying.

I hope you have found this read interesting and/or satisfying and I hope that after Reading this, you will change your opinion of Uri Geller, should it be a negative one.

Keep the hope alive!

Tom Pickering
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PostSubject: Re: My Day with Uri Geller   Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:47 pm

Hi Tom,

Nice website!!! I just read your story about your 1st visit to Uri.
I don't have to change my opinion of Uri, because mine is much like yours Very Happy
I also read and saw the video's about Uri and all of the hateful comments about him, saying he's a fraud etc. I had many discussion with these people trying to convince them of the opposite.
In the 70'ies when Uri was on Dutch television and did a show I watched him for the first time.
He then sent over his mindpower and we, the viewers at home had to go and check any broken clocks..
My dad and I went to a closet where he kept an old watch on a chain in a basket.
The watch was broken. As we opened the closetdoor and reached for the watch we were very surprised!
The hands of the watch were spinning madly!!!!
From that time on I believed Uri had a special gift. I have no doubts.

What he did with the compass, in another tv show, wich I saw on youtube, may be fraud.
Uri made the compass needle move using his hands, but without touching of course.
They (the Uri haters) claim he used a magnet, hidden on the tip of his thumb.
It looks like that if you watch careful, but stil I believe in his mindpower, the mindreading.
I just think that it doesn't work with everybody, and maybe thats why Uri sometimes can't perform.
Anyway..I think it's great you met him and became friends with him.
Keep the faith and much love to you.
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PostSubject: Re: My Day with Uri Geller   Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:35 pm

When I read that thing of the sofa..I think we change places for a while Tom, I felt so strange! Of course it was because I would love to have that experience haha, anyhow.. is great to read about your first interview and about the second one, I'm glad that you had such an opportunity.
Where I live we barely know Uri, and if he did something wrong we didn't know it.
Yesterday a friend of mine in Facebook had a nickname reffering to Uri or something like that, and the comments where negatives. So I asked why they were saying those things and she reply that Uri was an illuminati ...of course I didn't ask how she get to know that,if the illuminati are the way we think they are, then she wouldn't be so much safe knowing who are or aren't Illuminatis, right? anyhow, she told me the illuminati thing and that he was the responsible for introducing Bashir in Michael's life. Is that right?
of course I don't mean that is enough for take off all the credibility in a person.. we all know that Bashir made a beautiful interview to princess Diana, so it was pretty obvious that someone will lead him to Michael, but instead Bashir earned money selling aweful and non-true things.

So, as I don't know wha is wrong for the people with Uri, for me it sounds like a great and onest guy. Say hi from me the next time you visit him Razz
Lots of L.O.V.E!!
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PostSubject: Re: My Day with Uri Geller   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:22 pm

What an interesting experience Tom, i have always admired Uri and he was a very close confidante to Michael. What is exciting me now is that just hours ago i heared that Urei mentioned on a Dutch tv that there will be a big surprise that will unravel in the coming days!! Is it Michael coming back as we all desperately want to?? What is your feedback on this matter?
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PostSubject: Re: My Day with Uri Geller   Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:07 pm

My first proper visit here after just following you on Twiitter, Tom! Anyways, this is the first entry I chose to read and a very good choice it was , too!
I found it informative, honest and fascinating!

I am glad you got help to kick that lousy smoking habit! Well done!

Uri- I have never had a negative opinion aboout him. I like hearing things from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

So now I have a background to how you became friends with MJ!

Herkules the Magical Mystery Cat

PS. And now you have to work out which one of your followers I am on Twitter! Good luck! study
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PostSubject: Re: My Day with Uri Geller   

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My Day with Uri Geller
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