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The forum where YOU discuss the mysterious events surrounding Michael Jackson's death. The forum where YOU can discover the truth and the forum where WE will unite, to disover the truth and get to know the man, the mystery that is, Mr Michael Jackson.
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 Interview with La Toya from Argentina!

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PostSubject: Interview with La Toya from Argentina!   Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:27 pm

This is what I posted in another forum, I'll just copy and paste because is too long yo write it all over again. As I always say.. sorry for my english but is not my first language.
A tv show here in Argentina called 70.20.11 just shown an interview with La Toya Jackson..here are some strange things that she said:

*She lives near Michael's house, and she get to know that something was wrong with Michael because her father called and said "come to the hospital now!".. so she went, in the half way to the hospital her father called her again to say that she needed to hurry. Before getting to the hospital her cousin that takes care of her mother (that's something I didn't know) called her and give the phone to her mother...katherine was crying and screaming that Michael was dead.. so when she finnaly arrives to the hospital she asked to a nurse if Michael was dead, and the nurse told her "No! he is not dead!".. she run to the room and found her mother and the kids crying and saying that Michael was already dead, and she told them that the nurse said he was alive, but they insisted that Michael was dead.

*The owner of the show asked her about Michael's nose, and she said that media says a looot of things that are not true, that Michael did have a nose and that even the doctors that made the autopsy were laughing (yes, she said laughing) because they were expecting to see a Michael without a nose for all of these years that they have been listening to the medias. Then the owner of the tv asked her if it wasn't true that she was asking for the prostetic nose missing in the autopsy, and then again she said that the medias tell lies and that it was no true that she was asking for such a thing because Michael had a nose! and that she was present while they did the autopsy.

*They asked about his father abuses and she said that in another time it was kinda normal to hit your children but now is not common because there are laws that doesn't allow you to hit your children, but that Michael has forgiven his father already and that the whole family was close to him because he (michael) liked that way.. but sometimes security forbid them to go inside Michael's house and that the only one that face the security was Joe ----> she say that like saying that he was the only one who could get into the house even when security didn't allow them.

*After that, they asked about the will... (this is my favorite part) and why wasn't joe mentioned in the will if Michael has already forgive him. She smiled and said something like that there are things inside the family that people doesn't know, but they will some day. --> she say that like refering to some secrets that are IN the family.

*She also said that Michael was murderer because of the Beatles catalog, that he was afraid of being murderer and he spoke about this with his father, with her, and with some of his brothers..saying that he worth much more dead than alive; she told that she said to him that no one will dare to kill him because he was Michael! and that nothing wrong will ever happen to him.

-----This last thing mades me believe even more in some kind of protection program with the help of the goverment, that will explain a looot of things from the very beggining, such as the helicopters, the ambulance in his house, all the police used in the hospital and in the memorial, the autopsy report, the death certificate, etc etc etc.

I hope that someone has recorded this interview! This Tv channel has a web page where they upload some programs, so hopefully in some weeks we will see the full interview, because I just type what I remember.

Lots of L.O.V.E!!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with La Toya from Argentina!   Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:30 am

Thanks for this! It's sooo amazing!! Firstly speaks Jermaine then secondly LaToya. What Jermaine said is not as amazing as what LaToya said,excepting the words "Michael Lives" on Jermaine's wife T-shirt.Sorry for not posting the video but it has ben removed -_-
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with La Toya from Argentina!   Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:23 pm

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PostSubject: wow   Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:48 pm

Thanks for sharing this with us it was a lot of help and yeah I think Michael is under th witness protection program and the FBI is involved and everything. Thank you so much for this info or else we would have never known=) Also there is this movie that reminds me of the hoax. The movie is called "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" and it portrays this couple that is seperated and they are both famous in New York and they witness a murder and the killer sees them and wants to kill them. They were placed under the witness protection program and they had to leave New York without anyone knowing they even left until later. They were placed in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming and they stayed there until it was safe to return to New York. Then the killer went after them after he tracked them in Wyoming and the people in the couple were staying with and the residents protected them and the killer was caught by the police and the couple returned back home. So the main aspects are the police, the witness protection program, and the citizens all tried to protect the famous couple like they tried to protect Michael from the bad guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with La Toya from Argentina!   

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Interview with La Toya from Argentina!
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