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The forum where YOU discuss the mysterious events surrounding Michael Jackson's death. The forum where YOU can discover the truth and the forum where WE will unite, to disover the truth and get to know the man, the mystery that is, Mr Michael Jackson.
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PostSubject: reminders..(FACTS)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:09 am

Good morning everyone, I havent come across anything new recently which is really disappointing, I was so excited when websites were telling fans to wait until "tuesday"..and nothing happened Crying or Very sad
well I have been looking at so many fan made videos with very cryptic clues to suggest when he will make his come back...and as exciting as they are, some of them I think read into what they want to read into and make a connection to the most insignificant detail because thats what they want to see..and while I was looking at some videos this morning I became quite disheartened because none of these videos are actual proof. So I would love if you guys and girls here would join in this thread with me to recap on some actual facts, not speculation of Michaels so called death...

So I thought maybe we could start at the beginning...

June 2009, Michael was reported having suffered a heart attack, "dr" Murray said he had tried reviving him (whilst he was laying on his bed) when this should be done on a flat surface like the floor. He also claimed that Michael was dead at the house, but...(this is a snippet of a news report below):

A doctor has claimed that Michael Jackson was alive when he arrived at the hospital it was claimed yesterday.
The doctor claimed that there was heart activity shown during two ECG tests that Jackson had reports have said.
It is also now being claimed that Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray had managed to restart Jackson’s heart at Jackson’s home and then maintained heart activity whilst in the ambulance.
The claims made by Dr Murray had always contradicted paramedics who claimed that Jackson was already dead when they arrived.
Dr Murray has denied involuntary manslaughter .

The autopsy had missing and incorrect details and each doctor/coroner that saw Michael on the day of his death report differently (what he was wearing etc)
The phone call to the ambulance was apparently not made from the house where Michael was and the ambulance did not have its sirens on...there are probably more facts about this that we can all share so please share them.

A few days after his death Michaels father was interviewed and did not know where his body was, he did not seem bothered that his son had died and at another event plugged his own production company, when asked about michaels death he said we've lost the greatest star ever known, not his son Shocked ...other members of the jackson family have said the best is yet to come...I dont know how they can say this?? although there have been many tribute acts formed like the cirque de soleil etc but its not actually as great as going to see Michael himself!! You can put any show together with the best technology and all of Michaels songs..but it can only be BETTER if Michael was going to come back!
The day of Michaels funeral Dave Dave was on Larry King..this is what first convinced me that all was not as it seemed, I was sure it was Michael and I still am sure it was Michael, the dave dave that was also interviewed by Leeza I think was Michael but he looked totally different to the dave dave on Larry King..

I have to sign off now but I hope you will all join in this thread to remind us all of actual facts, help keep our faith and dream alive, love to you all xxx

anyway I have to sign off now but I hope I get some
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PostSubject: Re: reminders..(FACTS)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:04 am

Well if I just mention the things that I can off the top of my head, you have:

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, it had different wheels to what it did when it picked Michael up from the house...yet the UCLA is apparently only 6 minutes away! How could they have changed the wheels within a 6 minute drive?! Also the number on the ambulance didn't change, so it was definitely the same one!

The CCTV tapes were deleted or went missing on June 25th...

The 911 call was NOT made from the house/room where Michael was! It was made from the Beverly Hills Hotel, 4 minutes down the road! Things that make me laugh about this is, why would Murray or whoever else was in the room call the people at the hotel first? It wastes precious time! Secondly, how could the people at the hotel know that Michael needed an ambulance?!

All the lyrics in Michael's songs that mention some kind of disappearing then coming back...

Michael did NOT sign the contract for the TII concerts, yet they still went on to sell tickets!

He 'died' in almost the EXACT same way as Elvis...

The signed photo...(See you in July 2011)

2 Bodies in the helicopter!

Death certificate has the WRONG name!

The Dave Dave on Larry King had BROWN eyes, yet the REAL Dave has BLUE eyes!

I think there is a HUGE amount more but can't think without looking at the notes I have written down, but even so, all of the above CANNOT be pure coincidence, surely?!

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PostSubject: Re: reminders..(FACTS)   Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:03 am

This could be a very long thread, good idea Emma keeping notes unfortunately because I'm a guy I'm not that organised lol so details aren't exact so I'm relying on the old memory but belivers & followers should hopefully be able to remember what I am referencing, anyway here goes just for starters.

-Michael had 6 months to live.
-Michael's announces his final curtain call. 
-Speculation over a lookalike at the o2
-Michael had stopped breathing/ had cardiac arrest/was in a coma.
-The news networks were saying he had died a good while before jermaines offical announcement.

Things that were learnt afterwards
That might be fact or fiction, 
- a figure like Michaels was seen near the amberlance on the carolwood compound.
-The alarm call came from elsewhere (as Emma stated) 
-Mixed stories about the times of calls 
There were several recordings of the original alarm call.
-Murray didn't know CPR. 
-Mixed stories about who was where in the household when it happened. 
-Paramedics did not recognize Michael, on arrival person had been dead sometime. 

-Ben foster gets the 'last photo of Michael'.

-The wheelie bins are outside  apparently on the wrong day.

-Hospital medics try to revive Michael for over an hour.

-Murray refuses Michael had died  during his care/Murray goes AWOL Latoya signs death cert.

-Theres alot of movement of items being taken into/out of storage/carolwood from murrays camp.

-Murray car was impounded

-Janet & Latoya returned to carolwood drive to get items, a million dollars was missing the house was not treated as a crime scene.

I'll leave it there for now, I know I've missed bits out from around that time,
Keep the faith it's all for love.

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PostSubject: Re: reminders..(FACTS)   Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:10 am

Rogerrabbit wrote:
This could be a very long thread, good idea Emma keeping notes unfortunately because I'm a guy I'm not that organised lol

lol! My notes started from a tiny square piece of paper no bigger than the palm of my hand and have now taken up 2 books and a folder full of pictures Rolling Eyes

But as I was reading through your list too, I couldn't help but laugh at some of them, like the whole 'Murray doesn't know CPR even though he is a cardiologist' one Laughing

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PostSubject: Re: reminders..(FACTS)   

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